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Roundstone Bakehouse
A pioneering Irish bakery respecting the traditions of our ancient past to create great Irish bread

Mix of retail sized sourdough bread loaves in a Roundstone blue crate
White bread stencil seaweed boat
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We take our inspiration from the depth of knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, from those who pioneered the cultivation of grains and the production of bread. We look to the root, to the source, as our guide.

GREY bread stencil antlers
GREY bread stencil triskele

From the very beginnings of cereal production in the Levant region 10,000 years ago, to the gradual spread of grain to our Irish Shores 4,000 years later, we have searched out, and perfected, the milling of our ancestral ancient grains: einkorn, emmer, spelt, rye, khorasan, barley…

These are the grains that triggered food surplus and civilisation as we know it. We have been baking bread in Ireland since at least the Bronze Age, the cereal cultivation ridges still visible under the bogs of Belderrig in North Mayo. Roundstone Bakehouse is a celebration of this ancient tradition.
A tradition expressed in the taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability of our Bread. Stoneground flour, stone oven, our unique sour dough culture. Bread as it should be.
Enjoy and spread the word

GREY bread stencil lunalae
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Discover our award-winning bread 

cranberry sourdough sliced in half
GREY bread stencil ogham toast
bread dough proofing in Roundstone wooden baskets
Roundstone Sandwich with meat and rocket on a rustic wooden board
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GREY bread stencil galicia


Hibernia - Airfield Farmers Market

Every Friday & Saturday

9:30am - 2:30pm

Airfield Estate

Overend Ave,

Dundrum, Dublin 14,

D14 EE77

Barnhill Stores

Monday - Sunday
7:30am - 9pm

11/12 Barnhill Road
Dalkey, Co. Dublin,
A96 F789

Want to give it a taste?

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